Get Passes for Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] ) gets you around Dallas and 12 surrounding cities with modern public transit services and customer facilities tailored to make your trip fast, comfortable and economical. Their extensive network of DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] Light Rail, Trinity Railway Express commuter rail, bus routes and paratransit services moves more than 220,000 passengers per day across a 700-square-mile service area.


Terms of Use and Unauthorized Use

  1. UT Dallas and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) partner to provide affordable public transportation to UT Dallas students, faculty, and staff. The UT Dallas DART Pass Program is designed to provide transportation services to students or employees that specifically hold a GoPass. Sharing a GoPass with others undermines the integrity of the program and is a violation of the agreement between UT Dallas and DART.
  2. To ensure the effectiveness and fairness of the UT Dallas DART GoPass Pass Program, it is crucial that users understand the importance of exclusively using their own GoPass.
  3. Unauthorized use of a GoPass includes but is not limited to, duplication, alteration, or the use by any person other than the participating student or employee to whom the GoPass was issued.
  4. Unauthorized use of a GoPass will result in deactivation of the misused GoPass to maintain the integrity of the program and provide the intended service to authorized individuals. Those that engage in unauthorized use of a GoPass may be barred from GoPass services and lose present and future access to the UT Dallas DART GoPass Program.


Passes for Students

Dallas Area Rapid Transit - http://www.dart.orgWe encourage students to apply for a DART GoPass®. You must meet the following criteria for your application to be accepted:

  • Have a valid Comet Card.
  • Be registered for the current semester.
  • Have student fees for current semester paid.
  • Apply on or after the first day of class in the semester for which you registered.

A DART GoPass® allows you to ride all Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses and trains, plus TRE [Trinity Railway Express] Zone 1 (The Trinity Railway Express from Union Station to CentrePort / DFW Airport Station).

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Please contact [email protected] if you would prefer a physical DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] pass —a sticker added to your Comet Card. You are allowed to have either a GoPass® or a physical pass, but not both.


Passes for Faculty and Staff

UT Dallas Parking & Transportation Services and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] ) are partnering to provide affordable access to public transportation for UT Dallas faculty and staff members by offering discounted annual DART passes to faculty and staff.

2024 Passes

For 2024, the non-discounted annual price for a DART Local Transit Pass is $1,152, and for a DART Regional Transit Pass the price is $2,304. By partnering with DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] , UT Dallas Parking & Transportation is able to offer DART passes at a much lower rate. Additionally, UTD Dallas Parking & Transportation is offering further discounts by subsidizing half the pass cost of a Local pass and $360 of a Regional pass for those purchasing their annual pass by Friday, February 16, 2024. Due to the subsidy, earlier months are more cost efficient than later in the year. A full rate schedule may be found below.

The discounted UT Dallas Faculty and Staff DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] Pass prices for 2024 are:


Month Price
Local Regional
* With the UT Dallas subsidy by Friday, February 16, 2024, the adjusted prices are:
Starting January 2024, Local $360
Starting January 2024, Regional $1,080
Starting February 2024, Local $330
Starting February 2024, Regional $990
Starting January 2024 $720 * [the adjusted price is $360] $1,440 * [the adjusted price is $1,080]
Starting February 2024 $660 * [the adjusted price is $330] $1,320 * [the adjusted price is $990]
Starting March 2024 $600 $1,200
Starting April 2024 $540 $1,080
Starting May 2024 $480 $960
Starting June 2024 $420 $840
Starting July 2024 $360 $720
Starting August 2024 $300 $600
Starting September 2024 $240 $480
Starting October 2024 $180 $360
Starting November 2024 $120 $240
Starting December 2024 $60 $120

To purchase an annual pass, log in and complete the Faculty & Staff DART Pass Application. You will receive confirmation via email once you submit your form. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact our office immediately. After confirmation of your application, we will post the cost of your pass to be paid and send instructions for payment. Payment must be made online via credit or debit card before your application can be processed.

All passes are valid from the month and year of selected purchase through December 31 of that same year.

Akard Station - CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( by RadicalBender from Wikimedia Commons (

The DART Local Transit Pass will allow you to ride all local DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] buses and trains, GoLink and Dallas Streetcar service, plus the Trinity Railway Express from EBJ Union Station to CentrePort / DFW Airport Station (TRE [Trinity Railway Express] Zone 1).

The DART Regional Transit Pass will allow you to ride all regional DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] buses and trains, GoLink and Dallas Streetcar service, plus all of the Trinity Railway Express services (TRE [Trinity Railway Express] Zone 2), and Trinity Metro, including TEXRail; DCTA in Denton County, including the A-train.

Faculty and staff have the option of selecting a DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] GoPass® App or a GoPass® Tap Card. The GoPass® App is a digital pass available through the DART GoPass® phone app. The GoPass® Tap Card is a physical card that requires the user to tap at DART kiosks prior to boarding. The benefits of the GoPass® are that it cannot be lost or stolen as it is registered directly to your cell phone number, and it does not require tapping at the DART kiosks before boarding. GoPasses® can also be purchased and activated entirely remotely, preventing the need to pick up your pass from the main campus.

Faculty and staff that select the GoPass® option will have their pass automatically activated on their cell phone. For those that select the Tap Card option, passes will be available for pick up from the Parking Office at a prescheduled time.

To expedite receipt of your DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] pass, we highly encourage the use of the DART GoPass. Applications typically take two weeks from time of purchase to be processed by DART. TapCards may take an additional 3-5 business days to be delivered as they must be physically mailed from DART to UTD, along with scheduling a pick up time from our office for the customer.

Under the UT Dallas discounted DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] pass program, faculty and staff passes belong to the University of Texas at Dallas and is valid for your use and you alone. Do not attempt to alter your pass, duplicate your pass, or give it to someone else to use. The University reserves the right to confiscate your pass for its unauthorized use; DART reserves the right to prosecute you. For more information, call 972.883.7777.

To purchase a pass, please:

  • Complete the Faculty & Staff DART Pass Application.
  • Obtain email confirmation that your application has been received.
  • Review instructions for the cost of your pass.
  • Make payment in full online via credit or debit card, per emailed instructions.


Lost or Stolen Passes

DART Bus - Public Domain Image by RadicalBender from Wikimedia Commons (

Replacement fees can be avoided by opting for your pass to be issued via the DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] GoPass® Mobile Phone App.

If you have a lost or stolen GoPass® Tap Card, before you report a pass as lost or stolen, you may want to contact DART Lost and Found (214.749.3810), UT Dallas Police Lost and Found, or UTD Parking & Transportation Services ( / 972.883.2344) to see if anyone has turned it in.

If you find someone else’s pass, please send it via campus mail to Mail Stop PS3 10, or return it to the UTD Parking & Transportation Services office.

If your GoPass® Tap Card is lost or stolen, report your lost or stolen pass to so it can be disabled.

A replacement GoPass® Tap Card will require a new Faculty & Staff DART Pass Application. You will need to pay the current rate for Faculty & Staff DART passes.