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Video Transcript

(0:01-0:07) Onbase works best with Internet Explorer 9 or greater or Safari 6.0.4 or greater.

(0:08-0:11) Other browsers may have compatibility issues.

(0:11-0:14) To get started, you will first want to log into Galaxy.

(0:15-0:21) From almost all UTD pages, this is located at the top right of the screen.

(0:21-0:25) Use your NetID to sign into Galaxy.

(0:25-0:29) Locate the Onbase link under the left toolbox bar.

(0:29-0:33) After you click the link, you will see an on base login screen.

(0:33-0:37) Domain should be campus and you will again log in with your NetID.

(0:38-0:42) It will show up in all caps, so do not worry about your caps lock being on.

(0:43-0:46) Now you will see the document retrieval bar on the left.

(0:46-0:51) Find “CRMS Monthly Postage Report” and click on it.

(0:51-0:55) Now under keywords, you should see a list of fillable options.

(0:56-0:58) Type your cost center in the account field.

(0:58-1:01) Now, click on the binoculars at the bottom.

(1:01-1:08) If there are any documents associated with that cost center, it should pop up on the right under documents.

(1:09-1:14) Double click on the document you want to view and you should now see it in the display area.

(1:15-1:20) For the postage documents, you should see the report name and the month of the report at the top.

(1:21-1:25) The document has the total number of pieces and total charged to the department only.

(1:26-1:35) There is currently no way to make an image of each individual piece of mail that is sent out so that part is still up to the departments to keep track of.

(1:36-1:45) Some of the options available are zooming out, fit to window, fit to width, first page, if you have more than one page in the document, and rotating pages.

(1:53-2:04) If you would like to make this document a favorite for easier retrieval you simply go to the star icon, click on it, click add to favorites, name it, and click save.

(2:04-2:07) So I will save this as “MAY Postage FY14”.

(2:15-2:17) You can also print the page.

(2:17-2:20) Click on the print icon.

(2:20-2:25) You can choose to do all pages, current page, or a range of pages.

(2:25-2:28) If you wanted to do three through five, you simply put a hyphen.

(2:29-2:33) If you want to do two and five, you put a comma.

(2:33-2:36) I only have one, so i will just choose all pages.

(2:37-2:40) Now just click print button and choose your printer.

(2:40-2:50) I’m going to choose PDF, because i do not like filing paperwork. So I will save this as “May Postage FY14”.

(2:51-2:55) Now, click close or print if you want to print to another source.

(2:59-3:06) Alternatively, you can save the file as an image by right-clicking on the file and choosing send to then file.

(3:06-3:08) Now just click ok and save the file.

(3:08-3:10) I will rename this.

(3:16-3:21) If you have multiple entries from previous years, use the calendar search feature.

(3:21-3:24) Choose your from date and then your to date and click find.

(3:27-3:31) If your search has no results, try a larger range of dates.

(3:35-3:39) If you want to view what you have already searched for, click query history.

(3:39-3:43) If you would like to start your search over, click clear keywords.

(3:45-3:48) That is it for CRMS Monthly Postage Report retrieval.

(3:49-3:51) You may now exit out of Onbase.

(3:51-3:57) If you have any questions, please contact mail services at

(3:57-4:02) Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for information on delivery delays and closings

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