Holiday Pastries Bring Holiday Cheer to UTD

December 3, 2021

Anyone passing by the dessert table at Dining Hall West has probably made the calculation at least once: How many sit-ups will it cost me if I get seconds? The everyday options are that varied and that good. But near the end of the Fall semester, University pastry chefs really get to flex their skills and take their desserts to another level, as Dining Services caters holiday events for organizations throughout UT Dallas.

Enjoy a peek behind the scenes at the UTD kitchens during this special time of year, when our chefs are busy preparing holiday treats which just might appear at your next event.


A chef holding a cake ball in a spoon while she brushes it with liquid chocolate.

Pastry Chef Harshita coating chocolate cake balls in liquid chocolate.

Rows of round chocolate-covered pastries.

Chocolate Cake Balls

A chef slides a tray of cookies into a rack filled with more trays of cookies.

Pastry Chef Tessa pulling trays of cookies out of the oven and onto cooling racks.

Thick round cookies, each in a brown and white spiral pattern.

Chocolate Mint Pinwheels

A chef pouring a clear liquid into a measuring spoon over a steel bowl full of chocolate chips.

Pastry Chef Tessa measuring out vanilla extract into a bowl of chocolate chips.

Two chefs working on different types of pastries.

Pastry Chefs Marcos (background) and Tessa will be making hundreds of holiday desserts this season.

A chef spooning a chocolate-covered cake ball onto a tray filled with more such pastries.

Pastry Chef Marcos working on chocolate cake balls.

A dome-shaped white pastry decorated in a chocolate drizzle and several small meringue peaks.

An exquisite holiday treat made by layering cake, ice cream, two types of chocolate and meringues.

The primary goal of Auxiliary Services is to contribute to the educational mission of the University by offering quality food, products, and service to enhance the university experience for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

Dining Services offers several different dining options, including catering.

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