Transportation Changes & Additions

Fall 2023

Welcome back to campus, Comets! While you were out for the summer, Parking & Transportation made some changes and additions to UTD’s transit services, just in time for the fall semester:


Comet Cruiser

An eastbound Comet Cruiser stopped at the University Transit Center.

An eastbound Comet Cruiser stopped at the University Transit Center.

In partnership with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] ), Parking & Transportation is running a pilot to increase the service frequency of the 883 East bus line. The 883 East services the UTD campus to the Cityline-Bush Train Station. The pilot will allow service to run every fifteen minutes, Monday through Friday, versus every thirty minutes as it has in the past.

Parking & Transportation has added all DART stop numbers on the 883 Comet Cruiser route map (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ). This feature easily identifies all 883 stops to educate riders. This also allows riders to report any service interruptions or identify specific locations for emergency purposes.


Electric Vehicle Chargers

A new electric vehicle charger attached to two different cars.

A new electric vehicle charger attached to two different cars.

In partnership with Facilities Management and UTD Sustainability, Parking & Transportation installed five new Level 2 smart electric vehicle (EV [electric vehicle] ) chargers, three at PS1 and two at PS3. Each station allows two vehicles to charge, for a total of ten vehicles to charge. The stations also provide an interactive experience, including a phone app that notifies the user when the vehicle is fully charged. The new smart EV [electric vehicle] stations will be free to use through August 31, 2023. Thereafter, charging is available at $0.03/minute. The stations are available for students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus.


Accessible Cart Service

A Comet Cab designed for use with wheelchairs, with its ramp extended.

A Comet Cab designed for use with wheelchairs.

Seven new comet cabs have been added to the fleet of vehicles that provide accessible cart service on campus. One is specially designed to transport passengers who use wheelchairs. The Accessible Comet Cab Service provides customized, door-to-door transportation from parking areas to campus buildings. Those requesting services may apply online.


Roads & Parking Lots

A closeup of the UT Dallas Parking Map.

A closeup of the UT Dallas Parking Map (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ).

Repairs and repainting have been completed in several parking areas on campus including Lots A, B, C, H, M East, M South, N, T, U, PS3 and Loop Road Southwest. There have been color reconfigurations in some areas due to construction. Please see the latest Parking Map (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) for details.


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